The Fred Factor

In my Leadership class for one of our group projects we were assigned to read a book on Leadership theories and present what we took away from it. My group was assigned The Fred Factor written by Mark Sanborn.

The book was based on Fred Shea, an ordinary postal man who continually went above and beyond to create meaningful relationships with costumers and making sure that everyone felt loved and appreciated. The whole idea behind the book was to explain how easy it is to be a “Fred” yourself, and to things that build up your own personal relationships.

For our project our group chose to create a video of everyone in our LAS cohort saying what they appreciated about each other. This alone allowed our peers to develop their own Fred Potential. We played the video during our class and it was so rewarding watching the faces of our classmates light up as they were being recognized. It truly taught me that it is not hard to develop deeper relationships and appreciate those around you.

Another part of our project was to pass out motivational sticky notes and candy to random students in the University Center, and it couldn’t have been better timing with finals just around the corner. Everyone we reached out really appreciated it, and it wasn’t hard to do at all!

This project totally changed my outlook on recognizing my peers and how much I appreciate them. To watch our video on how our classmates became “Freds” click here!


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