Dear Mentee

I have been the child for the past 9 months.

Coming to college and being apart of LAS, I was the mentee to my incredible mentor Jenna (mom), and the one who got to ask all of the questions, make the inexcusable freshman mistakes, and be dependent on other people to show me the way. While this past year has been all fun and games learning the ropes of college, it is all about to change now that I have picked my very own mentee for this upcoming year. Yes that is right,

I am now the mom.

I can’t say I am entirely prepared for what being a mentor entails, but I can say I am completely ready to take on the challenge.

Mentee I will not be perfect, but I promise you this:

I promise to answer any and every question you have for me, and search until the end of the earth for the answer if I do not already know it.

I promise to support you and all of your endeavors, I will be your number 1 life cheerleader (it’s like soccer mom LAS edition).

I promise to hold you accountable to your fullest potential, whether it be in school, LAS, or life, I will always push you to do your absolute best.

I promise to be a mentor when you need one and show you the tips and tricks of college that I’ve figured out in my first year, but I also promise to be a friend.

I promise that together we will figure out everything you need to know your freshman year to be successful.

I promise that college can be tough, but you my little mentee are tougher, and you can handle anything thrown your way.

I promise you will change in more ways than one, but that is called growth, and it’s what college is all about.

I promise you that it won’t be perfect, you and me, college, life… but it is one heck of a ride.

So this is it, time to care for my very own child (a college freshman, but practically the same thing) and I have never been more excited and terrified all at once. Mentee, you are about to embark on one of the most impactful periods of your lifetime, and I am so ready to help you through it all.

I will leave you with this one piece of advice I learned over the course of my freshman year:

College is about you and discovering yourself, not about everyone else, so don’t let it be.

XOXO Cassie (Mom)

Can’t wait to fire up together next fall!


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