Graduation Ball Lead Team: So Cheesecake?

As apart of LAS protocol each Leader Advancement Scholar is placed on a LEAD team for each academic year where they are required to attend meetings and assist in the organization and production of a certain event.

This year I was placed on Graduation Ball, where I helped in planning the senior banquet for graduating Leader Advancement Scholars and the honoring of all of their accomplishments during their time here at CMU.

Being apart of this LEAD team was a unique and humbling experience. Although our task at hand was vastly different from other teams such as the Special Olympics or Relay For Life teams,  we had the opportunity to honor those who came before us in our scholarship program, making sure it lived up to all they have contributed to the Leadership Institute during their time on campus, and it showed me the potential of all that I can accomplish while I am apart of LAS.

Our meetings consisted of picking the right venue that was convenient and affordable, picking a menu to satisfy all different types of people, creating a color scheme for a beautiful and memorable night, along with putting together the program.

The night was pulled off without any casualties, and I feel it accurately represented the quality of graduating seniors that we were honoring. Being apart of the Graduation Ball LEAD team grew my ability and knowledge on event planning, and it was an overall beneficial experience.



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