About Me


“Be humble, be hardworking, and don’t give up easily.

We are not entitled to anything, but we are capable of achieving everything.”

Emily Shock

My name is Cassie O’Hagan and I am currently a student at Central Michigan University studying Integrative Public Relations. I am double minoring in Marketing and Leadership as I am apart of the 2016 Leader Advancement Scholar Cohort and am very involved with the Leadership Institute on campus.

On campus I am also very involved in my membership of the Delta Zeta chapter of Alpha Chi Omega, a social sorority on campus. I decided to join a sorority my fall semester freshman year, because of the opportunities and connections I knew I could make from it, but I fell in love with Alpha Chi Omega because of the five criteria that they hold as a standard of membership that directly aligned with my founding ideals: Personal Development, Academic  Interest, Financial Responsibility, Character, and Leadership Ability. I live each and every day trying to grow within these five categories, and being an Alpha Chi has helped keep me on track throughout my college experience.

Growing up, I lived in Northern Michigan and attended Cadillac Senior High School. One very important aspect of my life has always been my family. Being the youngest, I have always looked up to my older brother and sister as well as my parents, and they all have played monumental roles in shaping who I am today. They have continually instilled in me that I can achieve anything I want to in life as long as I work hard for it, and therefore I never expect to be handed things that I want to accomplish.

I am a lover of writing, traveling, and meeting new people. I am passionate about service and giving back to communities that have given so much to me, and I am driven to help others in anyway that I can.

Driven. Passionate. Hardworking. Dependable. Lifelong Learner.

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