Involvement. This is something that has driven my entire life. Throughout High School I kept myself involved with countless committees, teams, and programs that have all shaped who I am today, whether it be the National Honor Society, Varsity Tennis, Student Council, Youth In Government, etc. A challenge for me coming into college was to prioritize what exactly I wanted to be involved in without overloading myself. Here are some of the things I felt were important to indulge in besides my Leader Advancement Program on campus.

Alpha Chi Omega:

On campus I am very involved in my membership of the Delta Zeta chapter of Alpha Chi Omega, a social sorority on campus. I decided to join a sorority my fall semester freshman year, because of the opportunities and connections I knew I could make from it, but I fell in love with Alpha Chi Omega because of the five criteria that they hold as a standard of membership that directly aligned with my founding ideals: Personal Development, Academic  Interest, Financial Responsibility, Character, and Leadership Ability. I live each and every day trying to grow within these five categories, and being an Alpha Chi has helped keep me on track throughout my college experience.

Through this organization I have gained friendships, mentorship, and confidants that continually push me to my fullest potential. We log study hours in the library together, hold weekly Bible studies, volunteer within the community, and promote our Philanthropy of Healthy Relationships and Domestic Violence Awareness. It has helped acclimate me onto campus and connected me with so many opportunities I would not have been aware of.

On Campus Job: 

Immediately when I got onto campus I put my application out for a variety of positions, and landed one as an office Assistant in Rowe Hall, an academic building on campus. Here I am constantly working with Microsoft programs, talking with students, filing papers, making copies, and answering phone calls. This has given me exposer to an office setting and given me basic skills in working in such an environment.

Leadership Safari Tour Guide: 

I am applying to be a Leadership Safari guide this upcoming fall to mentor incoming freshman during their transition to college life. I know from personal experience that the move to college is not an easy thing for everyone, and my safari guide helped me get acclimated in unfamiliar territory. I want to strive to make a positive impact on the lives of  CMU students during such a pivotal part of their life. I hope to be the person they feel they can confide in with their uncertainties, introduce them to new experiences, and most importantly be their friend in the first few weeks of college, and throughout their four years at the university.