Involvement. This is something that has driven my entire life. Throughout High School, I kept myself involved with countless committees, teams, and programs that have all shaped who I am today, whether it be the National Honor Society, Varsity Tennis, Student Council, Youth In Government, etc. A challenge for me coming to college was to prioritize what exactly I wanted to be involved in without overloading myself. Here are some of the things I felt were important to indulge in besides my Leader Advancement Program on campus.

Student Assistant at CMU’s Payroll and Travel Office: Something that I have always valued in life is hard work, and therefore I saw it fit to find a job while on campus. In the middle of Fall semester sophomore year, I accepted a Student Assistant position to work in the Payroll and Travel Office for CMU. Here, I get a variety of professional office experience; greeting costumers, answering phones, scanning and filing papers, etc. I am currently working 15 hours a week while taking a full course load, and while it keeps me busy, I know it helps to keep me on track.

Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA): When I finally finalized my major and career interests, I knew that it was crucial that I got involved with organizations to further my professional development in my field. Because of this, I decided to become a member of PRSSA. This organization has brought me so many networking opportunities with fellow public relation students and guest speakers that are brought in to talk with us. Additionally, PRSSA offers so many opportunities through internship fairs, the PRSSA National Conference, resume critiques etc. I am so happy with my decision to join and cannot wait to see where it takes me throughout the rest of my time at CMU.    

Intern at PR Central: PR Central is CMU’s nationally affiliated student-run public relations firm, where students acquire real-world experience in the PR field. I have accepted an intern position where I will have the opportunity to learn about all aspects of what goes into PR agency work.

Spark Leadership Series Facilitator: The Spark Leadership Series is a level one leadership program where students can begin developing their personal leadership ability and style. As a facilitator, I had the opportunity to guide 8 student leaders through a 3-part program where they were able to identify their strengths and areas needing improvement, learn to respect diverse viewpoints and engage in service and volunteer activities.

The Odyssey Content Creator: Something I’ve gotten involved in to act on my passion for writing is becoming an Odyssey Content Creator. The Odyssey Online is an internet media company that operates based on volunteer author submissions. Becuase of this, I am able to express myself creatively by coming up with articles I feel are relevant and newsworthy and have them published online.

Leadership Safari Guide: I have been selected to serve as a guide for Leadership Safari for the 2018 Conference. Here I will get a group of 10-12 incoming freshman and help acclimate them to campus while introducing them to the campus-wide mission of student leadership. I am so excited to become a resource to my participants and see where the college will take them!