What is LAS? It is a scholarship given out by Central Michigan University each year to 50 students that have shown their leadership ability through extensive participation in extra-curricular activities throughout their high school career. The recipients are first evaluated by their application and involvements in organizations and then invited to a day-long competition where they are put into situations where their leadership ability will come into play, are interviewed and informed about the protocol that comes with being a Leader  Advancement Scholar.

Being in LAS has completely reshaped my college experience for the better. My freshman year I was granted the opportunity to live and learn with my cohort in the same residence hall, I have the Leadership Institute staff that is willing to help me with any and everything that I need, and am able to learn and grow as a leader on campus every day.

As a Scholar we take University Program classes with leadership theory and development infiltrated into the curriculum. We are required a minimum of 30 community service per academic year, we attend a variety of leadership conferences and workshops, and mentor a freshman Leader Advancement Scholar our sophomore year.

LAS is a one of a kind college experience and I am so grateful I am able to be apart of it. It has created friendships, opened doors, and helped me find myself within this university. I don’t know where I would be today without it, but I know that by being a Leader Advancement Scholar I am well prepared to handle anything thrown my way.

Live. Love. Lead.