My Writing Corner


 Your leaves turned from vibrant green

to an array of colors that lacked their means,

and although many let it go unseen, 

I watched your life diminish. 


Your branches sulked to down below

and you went to brown from bright yellow,

not alive enough to even say hello, 

I watched your life diminish. 


Your roots let up from the ground

and when the wind blew your creaks, they would sound,

losing the base from which you were bound,

I watched your life diminish. 


Your beauty was pulled from my sight

and it seemed to duplicate each and every night, 

I saw so much dark from where I once found my light,

I watched your life diminish.


Although you fell on that brisk winter day,

I know now it wasn’t right for you to stay, 

but if I could once more, under you I would lay,

As I watched your life diminish.

October 2016.

Reigning Above  

 Someone once asked me why the sun never refuses to shine,

and all I could think of was you. An illuminating soul others 

thrived off of. My living breathing lottery ticket,

you; just a random assortment of human qualities,

yet you held all of my faith.


You, my friend, were my peony in a field of dandelions, 

the beautiful outlier, drowning in your own vast uniqueness. 

Your mere essence so pivotal in the lives of those around you; 

the axis that kept our world’s spinning.


You; not the Lion nor the witch, 

but the entire wardrobe, the vessel of our existence. 

So quickly ripped from our grasp,  

the brakes slammed on our lives. 

Indeed, the sun refused to shine, the sky crying out the tears in our eyes. 


But once you found your home in the sky

that ring of colors arched over us like a crown,

our Prince Charming found his thrown. 


Your absence not selfish but rather a necessity, 

impossible to fix what you cannot see you climbed,

You climbed, not out of tyranny, but to gain a better vantage point. 

The burden you carried, being the sun

for so many starving beings, was too much for this Earth’s soil. 


Called on for works far greater than keeping me sane,    

Yet still I long for our own little Triple Point, where you, me and God can all coexist once again.

September 2016.