Coming to college definitely has tested my limits, and all of my commitments have taught me a lot about myself. Through the experiences I have had thus far, I have pinpointed some things that I definitely need to work on, but have discovered some skills that I feel I thrive at.


Writing is something I have always found as an outlet for self-expression and something that comes relatively natural to me. Papers, blogs, journals, you name it, I’ll enjoy it. My brain isn’t necessarily a number crunching or science loving machine, but critical and abstract thinking is where I shine. I enjoy thought-provoking conversations, controversial topics, and ideas that are outside of the box. I feel that this can help me in leadership roles by coming up with unique solutions to problems that may arise, and the ability to articulate my thought process through words.


People often describe me as an active listener, and it is something I continually strive to be. Intentionality is a word I try and keep at the forefront of my life and with that comes being intentional with the conversations I am having with those around me. I am able to sit and listen without needing to put in input unless it is welcomed because I have learned that people do not always need an answer or response, they simply need ears to talk it out too. This helps me in leadership positions because the role of a leader is not to only bark orders, but to listen to the group and decide what is right for the unit. Being able to listen is a crucial part of success when dealing with a team effort, and I feel this is something I have a good grasp on.

Working Under Pressure:

I have found that I do some of my best work under pressure, and when I need to sit down and get something done I can do it in a timely manner. I feel this helps me in many aspects of life, but especially in leadership roles. I am not discouraged by a time crunch but rather motivated to work more efficiently. I feel that as a leader there are going to be times when pressure arises to accomplish a task, and you can either crumble under the challenge or rise up and beat it. I feel that this helps me tackle high-intensity situations in a reasonable manner, and has helped me develop my critical thinking skills.

I feel that these attributes will help me in my future endeavors of becoming a lawyer and an active citizen in the communities I am apart of.