The American Experience

In all that we do and say history is present, history is everywhere. We see it in the classroom, in the people we interact with, in the social norms of our society, and in ourselves. It is the driving factor of the decisions that we make whether we realize it or not, and it can…

The Aftermath of the D

Going to Detroit for a weekend long service trip was something I viewed as a group of college students going to help a less fortunate community. I had the idea in my head of us going and bettering the lives of others, and looking back on that now, I realize how selfish that thinking was….

Finding My “Why?”

For our Leadership 200 class we were asked to watch a Ted Talk by Simon Sinek called “Start With Why?” In this he explained how it’s not necessarily what it is you are telling to people, showing to people, or selling to people, but rather the way in which you deliver it. He created a…

Connections: Branching Out

Something we learn day in and day out as apart of the Leadership Institute on campus is the importance of networking with a variety of people. The Connections Conference our LAS Cohort was required to attend did just that in a 2 day long conference at the Great Wold Lodge Resort in Traverse City, Michigan….

A Leap of Faith

Coming to CMU had me completely on edge; leaving my family, friends and loyal pup behind to make a life for myself at college was a daunting task that I faced, and my first three weeks didn’t come easy. I didn’t know if I had been suffiently¬†prepared for success in the classroom, socially, or honestly…